Back at it!! Right in the Peak of Triathlon Season

HELLO! I”M BACK!  Sorry for the long hiatus I have taken from my blog.  Life has become overly busy and sometimes overwhelming, but at the same time, I have always enjoyed being busy.

What have I been up to? Just getting myself fully trained for the season and looking forward to each and every race.  So far this year I have competed in three races: My first ever Dooby Du Duathlon in May,  The Fox Island Sprint Triathlon in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the  Ravenna, OH Dave’s Race Sprint Triathlon last weekend.  I am happy and proud to say that I am three for three! I have won all three races and even though they have been small,  It’s still the greatest feeling in the world.


I will continue to try to post each week on my blog and share with you the topics that are continuously on a triathlete’s mind .  For right now, I am off to a swim/bike workout after work on a beautiful Friday afternoon!



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