My First Half Ironman Distance

My first half ironman distance.  What a crazy thing- to be able to say that I have completed it and I can tell you now, I’ll never forget it.

To be honest, going into this race I was more nervous than I have been in  a long time.  I believe that my nerves were coming from the fact that I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing and my confidence level was extremely low.  I was very ready to show off the work I have put in, but scared as heck at the same time.

The race went just ok for me.  My swim felt completely fine and felt like I could have even gone a little faster.  The bike was the biggest surprise of all.  I raced way faster than I ever trained on my long rides and the entire time I couldn’t believe it.  However, I may have over ridden the bike portion just a little because when it came to the run, I already felt decently empty.  The first 3-4 miles of the run I felt like myself.  I felt like I was going to be able to do exactly what I wanted to do.  Then I started getting into miles 5, 6 and 7 and the real pain began – pain that I couldn’t even imagine.  For the rest of the 13.1 miles I ended up going through periods of tears, mental breakdowns and complete doubt.  I honestly can’t even tell you what got me through the rest of the race.  I guess it was the fact that, “I have come this far, how can I give in now??”

I ended up finishing 3rd over all and I have to say I was pretty satisfied with that.  My time was 5:34:00 and that was 26 minutes faster than I planned on going, so I was also happy with that.  But something is still bugging me about the whole race in my head.  I believe it’s just the face that I felt slightly ill prepared and I want to do it better next time.   Next year will be different 🙂 So stay tuned.


Until next post 🙂

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