Off Season Prep

Happy Tuesday! Its a beautiful freezing cold day here in Northeast Ohio with snow and ice covering the roads and sidewalks- it’s just fabulous… NOT.

I’m just kidding, I don’t mind the winter all that much.  I find the challenge of coming up with new ways to train and get runs in fun and exciting.  I will say, the dark mornings and dark nights make it hard to stay motivated along with the holiday season laziness, but luckily I don’t have anything major coming up that I really need to be prepared for so it’s all good.

Off season prep for me consists of getting as much rest as I want, recovering any pending injuries that are going on with me and getting in mental rest and relaxation as well.  It’s definitely an important time of the year and important to take that rest very seriously, because come January, things change.  New goals are made and we shoot right back into the journey of the half marathon, triathlon season, fall running season, off season of the year.   Did I mention that I love this?

🙂  Have a great day!!

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