The Natchez Trace


Last year when I moved to Nashville, I asked around for information about where to bike.  Many people directed me to the Natchez Trace  and I am so glad they did.  Yes,  it is nothing but hills, (at least in the area I bike on ) but it is absolutely breath taking and secluded.  The rule is that cyclists get the right of way and vehicles have to allow them to use the entire lane, so you feel pretty safe.  I am a huge fan of no one being in my way when I’m trying to train on the bike.  A lot of times, if you try to visit a busy trail that lots of people are on, it’s really hard to maintain a pace that you want.  On the Trace, there are not enough cyclists or runners to slow down the pace,  so everyone is happy!  a

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Feeling like I’m not doing enough Training

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Just wanted to jot down my current thoughts that are going through my head.

You ever take a week to kind of rest during your training, and you just feel like you aren’t doing anything?  This week is a little light for me because I have the Dickson Iron Nugget on Saturday and I want to have fresh muscles.  It’s amazing to me what a little rest can do.  It almost makes me feel like I’m going a little stir crazy even though I know it’s helping me.  Everyone needs a little rest when they are training this much to prevent injuries from happening.  I just need to take a deep breath and realize that this is helping me in the long run (especially for Saturday’s race!!)

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What Triathlon Equipment do I Use?

Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!

I wanted to make a quick post about some of the types of equipment and clothing that I use for my training and racing.  There are so many different brands out there, it’s hard to pin point just one to use.  It took me lots of years of practice to find some of my absolute favorites.  Here are just a few:

Running Shoes:  Saucony Kinvara 7   (very comfortable and lightweight)

Triathlon Watch: Garmin 920 XT  (in my opinion, the best watch to use for triathlon training and racing)

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Journey to 70.3- first tri of 2017

First triathlon of 2017- done!!

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter and is getting some nice family time in- I know I am!

I wanted to post about my first triathlon race of the year.  I race the Alpha-Piathlon in  Murfreesboro, TN last Sunday, April 9th.   This race was a short sprint: 300m swim, 10 mile bike and a 5k run and guys, I’m telling you, hard work pays off.  The race went a whole heck of a lot better than it did last year and I improved my time by 5 minutes plus!!!  My workouts have been solid and I could feel each and every one backing me up while I was out there swimming, biking and running.  When I finished, I felt like I could go run 10 miles more!!! This is the best I have ever felt after a race and I can’t wait to  get even faster and stronger this summer.

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What does a triathlete eat??

Ever wonder what a woman triathlete eats?  Here is a one day food log for you that I took on a random Thursday.

Breakfast-Ground turkey, 3 eggs scrambled  with salsa and orange juice

Snack 1- Greek yogurt and almonds

Lunch-Mixed green salad with grilled chicken and oil and vinegar

Snack 2- protein bar

Dinner-  ground turkey lettuce wraps, spinach, apples with peanut butter

Midnight Snack- bowl of cereal with skim milk

Music City 10k

Let’s talk about the Music City 10k 2017!!  First of all, I was happy with the way the weather turned out. In the early morning, it was misting and very cold and foggy but by race time it was 45 and super sunny.  I was also pretty happy with my time.  My goal was to run 7:30 pace which would have put my time well over 45:00, but I ran 7:06 pace and felt very strong! I beat my time from last year by a 1:40!! PLUS I BEAT DAD!!! (that is a huge thing in our family) .  All in all, the race made me very excited for this year.  So far, I have two really solid races down in the books for 2017 and I’m so excited for what’s to come!

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X3 Coaching- I’m so excited!!!

HEY GUESS WHAT!!!! I finally did what I said I was going to do this year and joined the X3 Endurance Triathlon team in Nashville.  Last year, I saw all of the members at races and kept telling myself I needed to join that team.  I finally did it- and also- I signed up for a personal coach!  So not only am I joining a whole new group of people who have the same passion as me, but I’m finally going to really push myself with my training, like I never thought I could.  I’m so excited.  Come along with me through this journey and watch me go through the struggles and successes of finding out how far I can go.  I’m going to be posting all of my videos on my YouTube channel- KaitlinX3 Kaitlin Switzer.   I’LL SEE YOU THERE!!!

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Today’s Brick Workout


Haha, that’s me just trying to fit in with Nashville.  I just wanted to share with you today what my workout was like because, even though I was dreading it, I full enjoyed the whole thing.

Today was a swim day and I wanted to add something on like a bike or run session.  Since the pool is right next to Centennial Park on West End, Nashville, I figured a run through the park would be good.   So here is what I did:

1600 meter swim- 20 length warm up, 20 length swim with fins and the rest of the workout was full of mixed pace swimming.

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Try new exercises

Hello everyone! I wanted to talk a little bit about something new I tried this week.  I had the opportunity to try out a class I had never heard of called The Bar Method.

On Wednesday, at 5:30 am, I traveled to West End, Nashville and found the location of The Bar Method studio.  For the next 45 minutes, my muscles were used, and abused in a new way.  We did exercises for our arms, shoulders, triceps, calves, quads, abs, glutes and more.  Even though we didn’t use heavy weights, the continuous, persistent movements KILLED my muscles.  My whole body was shaking after the class to the point where it took me a few hours to completely settle down.  The day after, my muscles were very sore in my arms and my abs.

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Recovery week

Well, it’s been one whole week since Miami Half Marathon day and I haven’t done a single thing.  I did try to run a little recovery run the Wednesday after the race and it was a worse idea than I thought.  My legs were NOT ready to get going again.  So I decided to take the whole week completely off.  Sometimes that’s not a bad thing, and plus, you aren’t going to lose everything you worked for in just one week.  It’s now time to get back out there!  My training is about to become a whole lot more intense so stay tuned!!!

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