X3 Coaching- I’m so excited!!!

HEY GUESS WHAT!!!! I finally did what I said I was going to do this year and joined the X3 Endurance Triathlon team in Nashville.  Last year, I saw all of the members at races and kept telling myself I needed to join that team.  I finally did it- and also- I signed up for a personal coach!  So not only am I joining a whole new group of people who have the same passion as me, but I’m finally going to really push myself with my training, like I never thought I could.  I’m so excited.  Come along with me through this journey and watch me go through the struggles and successes of finding out how far I can go.  I’m going to be posting all of my videos on my YouTube channel- KaitlinX3 Kaitlin Switzer.   I’LL SEE YOU THERE!!!

Happy Racing 🙂

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