How was my race???

Miami Half Marathon  January, 29th

Let’s discuss my race on Sunday, I would really love to share my thoughts.

Traveling down to Miami and spending 15 hours in the car was definitely not an ideal way to spend my Friday before the race, but at least I was off of my feet.  My co-pilot and I were definitely exhausted but when we got there we decided to go carb-load and then head straight to bed.

Saturday we woke up fresh , had breakfast and went out to adventure for the day.  We figured out all of the details on how exactly to get downtown Miami on the Metro Rail and we picked up our race packets at the expo.  We were all ready for race day!

Sunday, Race Day!  Traveling to the race was super easy.  We were along side many other marathon and half marathoners who were headed to the same place, so we felt right at home.  The race started precisely on time , and the first 2-3 miles of it were in very ideal conditions (55-60, light wind).  Then the weather adventures began.  It started to rain and the wind picked up drastically.  SO basically we ran the entire rest of the race wind blown and drenched.   The course was very neat and full of many sights to see.  It was also very flat and very fast, which always make a runner happy.  In my experience, thankfully the weather didn’t seem to affect my times too much and I was very pleased with my 7:19 average pace.  I felt like I ran very hard and finished hard.  HOWEVER, my final time didn’t reflect what I wanted it to.  I ended up showing two different times between the race timer and my watch, almost a minute different.   Either way, both times that showed, whichever one was correct,  were both exceptional and based on  the way I am feeling today (sore, sore, sore) I know that I did run hard.  So that is pretty much my race review for the weekend.


Thanks for reading!

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