The Cleveland Triathlon

Good morning! Happy Tuesday!

Let’s discuss the Cleveland Triathlon from this past weekend, July 22nd 2018.

Dad, Uncle Sam and friend Eric Hammon all came over to Cleveland from Defiance Ohio to participate in this race with me- which is awesome!  I was NOT nervous for this race at all up until we walked out on the dock for the swim… then the nerves REALLY kicked in.  Sometimes, the thought of an unknown, unfamiliar course can get to me.   As soon as I jumped in the water, these nerves went away 🙂

The swim seemed very short.  The water was NOT cold, it felt very good but it was absolutely FULL of seaweed.  Not just a little seaweed, a CRAP ton of seaweed.  IT was wrapped around my shoulders, my wrist, my hands, my feet, stuck in my watch, stuck in my uniform– it was insane! I kept looking up out of the water to make sure that everyone else was going through the  same issues and it wasn’t just me.  Terrifying.

The bike went better than I planned. It was decently hilly and rough with many potholes, so I expected it to not go as well but it actually was good for me.  I felt like i pushed it and still had some gas left for the run.

The run was also full of long incline hills.  The did sort of kill me since I was trying to push it while running up them. Luckily, there was a long downhill while we ran around the Brown’s Stadium that helped push me back up the hill and towards the finish.  When I finished, I felt like I had given it my all which is a good feeling and I ended up 3rd overall and 1st for the women.  It was a good day over all 🙂



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