It’s USAT Nationals week!!

Hello!!!! Happy Monday!

I am so excited to say that USAT Nationals 2018 is here! Where did the summer and season go? I am literally blown away with how fast this 2018 season has gone for me, I feel like it was just last week that I was trying to get back into swimming shape to gear up for June.  Crazy!

It’s the week of Nationals and I’m so excited for Friday- Sunday!! I love attending the Nationals expo, seeing all of the other races and cheering on the Olympic race on Saturday.  Oh and GUESS WHAT!!!?!?!   I don’t have to go anywhere for Nationals this year, it’s IN CLEVELAND WHERE I LIVE!!!!  Can you tell that I’m excited and busting at the seams?    It’s just such a wonderful event full of inspiration, motivation, family, friends and racing and I so ready for it!

Stay tuned for more posts about how Nationals week goes and the light training that takes place.  Today is rest day number 1 🙂



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