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Hello everyone! I wanted to talk a little bit about something new I tried this week.  I had the opportunity to try out a class I had never heard of called The Bar Method.

On Wednesday, at 5:30 am, I traveled to West End, Nashville and found the location of The Bar Method studio.  For the next 45 minutes, my muscles were used, and abused in a new way.  We did exercises for our arms, shoulders, triceps, calves, quads, abs, glutes and more.  Even though we didn’t use heavy weights, the continuous, persistent movements KILLED my muscles.  My whole body was shaking after the class to the point where it took me a few hours to completely settle down.  The day after, my muscles were very sore in my arms and my abs.

The whole point of my blog post is, that I encourage everyone to try new things!  If you do the exact same kind of exercise all of the time, then your body gets used to it and you actually end up not getting as much out of it.  TRY NEW THINGS!!  Throw your body into a whole new world of strengthening and toning, you won’t regret it!  Soreness is ouchy sometimes, but it’s also very satisfying.   So go out there and find new things to try! ENJOY!!

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