Indy Monumental Half Marathon Training

It’s late October and it’s  the off season – but not quite all the way.

I am currently training for the Indianapolis Monumental Half marathon taking place on November 3rd,  2018.   I am very excited to race and see where I am at fitness wise- especially on a longer-distance level.  Tri season this year was so focused on the short fast distance so I am really ready to see where I am at.

The training has gone well, but I feel way behind from where I would want to be going into this race.  I wanted to make this a half marathon PR, but I feel that if I try to push a 7:10, 7:15 consistent pace, then I may end up injuring myself.   Right now, I’m trying to just get in those last runs that count before the big day arrives.

Stay tuned for my review of the race after November 3rd 🙂



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