Life after Triathlon Season 2018

Triathlon season has come to an end and I can’t say that I am happy about it at all!  Last year, I kind of welcomed the break/rest period to follow, but this year I have enjoyed training probably more than I ever have so I’m sorry to see the race season go.

What’s next?

I now usually transition into a fall running season that lasts until the end of November, and then I do take some what of a break.  I’m going to participate in the Indianapolis Monumental half marathon in early November with a new goal this year of breaking 1 hour and 36 minutes and 36 seconds.   I am ready to work super hard to achieve this goal this year and  I feel that with enough determination, motivation and focus, I can do it!

So as of now, I’m not really taking any sort of a break from training.  I will only swim maybe once a week for a while now and then maybe 1-2 bike rides a week but I will be aiming to run 6 times a week each week.

Doing the Fort for Fit 10k in a few weeks with Dad, so wish me luck!! 🙂



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