Running in the heat

Happy Monday!

Okay! So this weekend- I’m not sure if it was as hot everywhere in the US as it was in Cleveland, OH  but it was almost unbearable when it came to my workouts.  On Saturday, I woke up at 7:30 to do a 25 mile bike followed by a 3 mile tempo run.  This did NOT go according to plan as I fell off my paces very quickly.   Apparently, 7:30 wasn’t early enough- I should have started at 5!  The heat just absolutely bogged down  my body and I couldn’t keep up on my hydration.   The 3 mile run was supposed to be around 7:30-8 minute pace and it ended up being 8:30, which I was pretty disappointed about.

On Sunday, I woke up again at 7:30 to do a 7 mile “long” run.  As soon as I stepped outside, I breathed in the heavy humidity.  I decided it would probably be better to do my workout inside- so I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill.  The workout ended up going  much better because I didn’t end up getting completely dehydrated like the day before.

Well, it is a new week full of new challenges.  Today was an early morning swim of 1500 yards, followed by work, followed by a short bike ride tonight and the gym.  Also throwing groceries and laundry in there somewhere.  This is how training season is!


The calm before the track workout

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