The Natchez Trace


Last year when I moved to Nashville, I asked around for information about where to bike.  Many people directed me to the Natchez Trace  and I am so glad they did.  Yes,  it is nothing but hills, (at least in the area I bike on ) but it is absolutely breath taking and secluded.  The rule is that cyclists get the right of way and vehicles have to allow them to use the entire lane, so you feel pretty safe.  I am a huge fan of no one being in my way when I’m trying to train on the bike.  A lot of times, if you try to visit a busy trail that lots of people are on, it’s really hard to maintain a pace that you want.  On the Trace, there are not enough cyclists or runners to slow down the pace,  so everyone is happy!  a


Today’s ride was on the Natchez trace. Just a small ride of 18 miles going up and down big steady hills.  However, I am just in love with it out there!!!


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