Today’s Brick Workout


Haha, that’s me just trying to fit in with Nashville.  I just wanted to share with you today what my workout was like because, even though I was dreading it, I full enjoyed the whole thing.

Today was a swim day and I wanted to add something on like a bike or run session.  Since the pool is right next to Centennial Park on West End, Nashville, I figured a run through the park would be good.   So here is what I did:

1600 meter swim- 20 length warm up, 20 length swim with fins and the rest of the workout was full of mixed pace swimming.

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Try new exercises

Hello everyone! I wanted to talk a little bit about something new I tried this week.  I had the opportunity to try out a class I had never heard of called The Bar Method.

On Wednesday, at 5:30 am, I traveled to West End, Nashville and found the location of The Bar Method studio.  For the next 45 minutes, my muscles were used, and abused in a new way.  We did exercises for our arms, shoulders, triceps, calves, quads, abs, glutes and more.  Even though we didn’t use heavy weights, the continuous, persistent movements KILLED my muscles.  My whole body was shaking after the class to the point where it took me a few hours to completely settle down.  The day after, my muscles were very sore in my arms and my abs.

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Recovery week

Well, it’s been one whole week since Miami Half Marathon day and I haven’t done a single thing.  I did try to run a little recovery run the Wednesday after the race and it was a worse idea than I thought.  My legs were NOT ready to get going again.  So I decided to take the whole week completely off.  Sometimes that’s not a bad thing, and plus, you aren’t going to lose everything you worked for in just one week.  It’s now time to get back out there!  My training is about to become a whole lot more intense so stay tuned!!!

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How was my race???

Miami Half Marathon  January, 29th

Let’s discuss my race on Sunday, I would really love to share my thoughts.

Traveling down to Miami and spending 15 hours in the car was definitely not an ideal way to spend my Friday before the race, but at least I was off of my feet.  My co-pilot and I were definitely exhausted but when we got there we decided to go carb-load and then head straight to bed.

Saturday we woke up fresh , had breakfast and went out to adventure for the day.  We figured out all of the details on how exactly to get downtown Miami on the Metro Rail and we picked up our race packets at the expo.  We were all ready for race day!

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Ok, so my 2017 race season is about to officially begin!  Sunday, January 29th is the Miami Half Marathon and my best friend and I are driving down from Nashville for the race.  It is going to be the biggest adventure that her and I have ever gone through.  I have been hearing that this is a very flat, fast course so I’m excited to see what I can do.  My friend, Sara and I,  both are looking to PR and will be excited to share our results.  Wish me luck as I go into these next few days with a very positive and excited attitude leading up to race day. My biggest problem is trying to force myself to rest rest rest– my legs just want to go!

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I’ve got the shakes!!!

The countdown to Miami has begun!! We are now T minus 11 days and I can’t believe it!  As of now, I’m feeling prepared going into the end of my first taper week.  Starting to feel rested and my legs are starting to feel like they are getting the downtime they need.    HOWEVER, today I ran my last “long” run until the race.  I decided I was going to do a 9 mile run and keep it pretty consistent, pushing myself in the second half.  I ended up doing an average of 8:00 minute miles right on the dot and was very pleased.  What I am learning, is that if you don’t properly re-fuel your body after workouts like this, your body will turn on you.  When I got home, I made sure to drink lots of water and gatorade and to also make myself a nice protein-filled meal.   About a half hour later I got the shakes.  My hands were shaking so bad I felt like I couldn’t even function.  Well guess what, this was due to low blood sugar (at least that’s what I’m assuming based on my research).   I read that you need to eat some fruit or drink fruit juice and I ended up doing both.  I had a banana and a half glass of OJ and this literally changed everything.  10  minutes later I was feeling completely back to normal, isn’t that crazy!!!!!!!!!       So my advice in this blog is to pay attention to your body!

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A long run on little hydration

Do you ever go for a run and within the first steps, you know that you are either dehydrated or just not warmed up properly?  Well today this happened to me.  I woke up early with the determination to run 12 miles before going to work.  Within the first mile, I could tell that the entire run would be a struggle- and I was right.  Each mile got harder and harder but I wasn’t going to give up.  I am usually stubborn enough to get through a run like this even if it’s just awful.  Either way, I completed all 12 miles, slower than I wanted, but at least I got through it.   To say the least, I drank more water and gatorade today than I have in a long time!

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